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Women who are "Optimally Well" feel good about themselves, their relationships, and their purpose in life. SHEfit women are empowered to take their lives to higher levels of excellence...

SHEnergize You!!

SHEwellness Dimensions 


SHEwellness is an integral part of SHEnergy's core Mission. We work to Enhance the "Whole Woman in All Aspects of her life. Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance in the seven dimensions of wellness.  SHEnergy understands that Wellness is a  full integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is a complex interaction that leads to quality of life. 


​SHEnergy has a system  to help women put the puzzle pieces together that leads to the optimal quality of life for each Woman. We want the women of SHEnergy and the Women of the World to Be... SHEfit in every aspect of their Lives!

Extensive research suggests that individual women should do the following in order to experience  SHEwellness:

  • Value Herself: This includes valuing and appreciating herself; having healthy emotional, cognitive, and physical habits; and engaging in meaningful and rewarding activities.

  • Find Balance and Purpose: This includes having a sense of balance, meaning, and purpose in life; having meaningful spiritual beliefs and practices; and being able to adapt to change and cope successfully with adversity.

  • Connect with Others: This includes having compassion for others; identifying with a community; and having meaningful, rewarding, and supportive relationships​.

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