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Empowerment Programs

There are many challenges that are faced by ALL women in America. The journey of a thousand miles has proven to be very difficult for even the wealthiest, the most prominent and the most powerful women in this country. If the wealthiest among us experience difficulties that negatively impact our overall well- being: physical, emotional and social, where does that leave those who are less fortunate? What is the answer? Women cannot overcome these seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our lives alone...

​​SHEnergy offers her the solution. Synergy is defined as the results of the collective are greater than the individual sum of its parts. SHEnergy is defined as the results of women working together connected as a team, are far greater than the results of an individual woman working alone. We are a SisterHood for Empowerment. 


In order for a woman to gain the most benefit from being a part any SisterHood, she must bring her best self to the table. Every woman is at a different place in her life’s journey and there is room for each of us to grow and improve, no matter where we are. The SHEnergized ABCs to Life Personal Empowerment Program is designed to help guide women through the process of self discovery and personal development. We are a team, you are not alone. As you are changing you, you are changing us. Your success is our success. We are WOMAN!!


The Get SHEnergized Empowerment 12 Week Webinar Series is designed to team professional career women and business owners with women who are disadvantaged in our local communities. Together we experience the 12 Journey Week Journey to Empowerment that will guide us through the ABCs of a SHEnergized Life. During this Empowerment Experience we will be paired together as teams in order to enhance the experience for each woman. At the end of our Journey of Self-Discovery and Improvement, we will celebrate our achievement in a Graduation Empowerment Conference. A brief description of each program component is briefly described below. If you are interested in being a part of the program, click here to contact us today.

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12 Weekly Online Empowerment Sessions
SHEsister to SHEsister

Get SHEnergized

Empowerment Experiences

This personal empowerment program is designed to take 90 Minutes Each Week. The ABCs of a SHEnergized Life Personal Empowerment Experience by SHEnergy Founder, Roxy Hall is the curriculum of the program. During the entire 12 weeks, women will meet together via an online webinar. Each weekly experience will have 4 Elements:​



  • Women will be led in a guided personal development activity related to assigned weekly letters

  • Women will engage in open dialog and discussion about the assigned letters for the week.

  • Women will spend personal time completing journal pages, then come back together for SHEnerTears and SHEnerCheers

  • ​A call to action will be given each week to help women actualize the lifestyle behind the letter.  Some of these activities will be fun, touching, exciting, motivational, difficult, and much more

Building strong alliances is a critical component of SHEnergy. Each of us has something powerful to bring to the table. Women will be paired together and must complete the Get SHEnergized Empowerment Program as a Team. The individual members of SHEnergy will be teamed with women who are a part of our community service component of the program. The women will be strategically aligned. The teams must:

  • Communicate with one another on a weekly basis outside of the assigned weekly sessions

  • Spend dedicated time together on-site during the weekly session

  • Complete individual and team vision boards identifying goals for the 12 Week session

  • A SHEnergy member will serve as a dedicated mentor, providing encouragement, resources and tools to assist her mentee in accomplishing set goals.

SHEnergy provides Get SHEnergized Empowerment Experiences for organizations, teams, office staffs, churches, events and conferences around the country. These experiences are custom designed to meet the needs of the specific group of women. We offer one hour, half-day, full-day and Weekend Retreats Get SHEnergized Empowerment Experiences which all include:​​



  • Powerful motivational and inspirational messages

  • Personal and professional development training

  • Team Building Activities

  • Networking and Connections activities

  • Interactive Discussions


​All sessions will include the above elements. The Full day sessions and retreats provide a great opportunity to shape the tone of an organization and serve as a powerful training and Team Building tool, however, each type of Get SHEnergized Empowerment Experiences will leave you SHEnergized! Click Here for Sample Empowerment Experience.

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