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SHEnergy's  initiatives are designed to positively impact women in the areas of health and wellness, finances, education, youth and families and entrepreneurship. SHEnergy's Women Empowerment Events are designed to engage the whole woman: mind, body and spirit.  SHEnergy's  programs provide: Financial Literacy, Personal & Professional Development, Team Building , and Emotional Wellness activities. Women are equipped with tools to help them advance, enhance and improve their health, finances, businesses, careers, and their lives in all aspects. SHEnergy has been implementing programs  in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina since 2013. 

​Is Your Company SHEnergized? A Woman is more likely to become a loyal customer, if she knows that you care about the things that are  important to HER! Becoming a SHEnergy Sponsor can impact your company's or organization's bottom line! Past SHEnergy Sponsors include: US Small Business Administration, The US Army, AVON, Lennar Homes, DR Horton, MyEcon, The City of Tallahassee, Blissful Paper Products,  Fayetteville Technical Community College, Certus Bank,  Fayetteville Family Justice Center, just to name a few.

How Does Sponsoring a SHEnergy Event Benefit Your Company?
  • You will promote your  business, organization or services to a specific and purchase ready target market, SHEnergy has a monthly digital reach of 10,000+ loyal members, customers, followers and supporters. We also have monthly networking meetings.


  • Your marketing and charitable contribution resources will be used strategically and effectively. SHEnergy executes Empowerment Events all across the country.

  •  You will show your women customers and employees that you are concerned about the issues that are relevant to their quality of life.


  • You will be a SHEnergized Company that will reap major benefits for Supporting a Business Owned  by and Geared Towards Women. Women support businesses that support Women!

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Become a Sponsor

SHEnergy  offers your business or organization the opportunity to show the women of your local community that you are a SHEnergized company that supports a business operated by and geared toward women. Your advertising dollars will be used strategically and effectively. There are many different SHEnergy Sponsor Levels and Packages. 

  • 85% of all brand purchases are made by women 

  •  91% of New Homes ​ 

  • 66% PCs 

  • 92% Vacations 

  • 80% Healthcare 

  • 65% New Cars ​ 

  • 89% Bank Accounts 

  • 93% Food ​ 

  • 93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals 

  • 91% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them

When women are aware you support women-owned businesses:

  • 79% will try your product or service 

  • 80% will solidify their brand loyalty ​

  • 51% will give a company a second chance if a product or  service missed the mark the first time

When women are aware you support women-owned businesses:

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