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Tamia Bethea Williams

Women who have registered for SHEnergize Yourself 2019 will have the opportunity to be a part of  A BONUS "Unleashing The Champion In You" Training Session Facilitated By Master Trainer And World Renowned Transformational Coach Tamia Bethea Williams

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“Start living a life YOU REALLY want to LIVE so you can start being, doing, having and giving whatever it is YOU WANT.”

-Tamia Bethea Williams

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​Tamia Bethea Williams has been positively impacting the lives of women throughout the world as a prolific Trainer & Life Coach! Tamia is a POWERFUL Certified  Speaker, Teacher, Trainer and Coach with the John C. Maxwell Team, a Master in Body and Brain Training,  a first class  Transformational Life Mastery Consultant and a proud Platinum Brave Master Thinker with Mary Morrissey and the Life Mastery Institute.  She is an author (I WAS BLESSED WITH ANGELS). She is the Lead Master Trainer for Enagic distributors worldwide. Because of her life experiences, Tamia is more than capable of teaching you how you to can truly step into a life that you really love living as she has done!  Her passion to help people comes from the  inside out power that she always acknowledges!  Your life will never be the same!  She’s amazing! 


Because of Tamia's passion for empowering the lives of women, she has partnered with SHEnergy to lend her wisdom and experience to help Energize, Educate, Emotionally-Engage & Empower women to take their lives to higher levels of excellence by "Unleashing The Champion Within Them." Tamia will conduct a FREE bonus session on Friday, November 8th from 3PM to 6PM for the first 200 women to register for SHEnergize Yourself 2019!

The FREE Bonus session is valued at $147.00. Take a sneak peek below of what you will experience! 

"Unleashing The Champion Within You"

Part 1 

77 x 7 Goes Both Ways  

The Power of Forgiveness

Part 2 

Resolving conflicts while working through challenges. 

Lemons make good lemonade Find the blessing in EVERY LESSON

Part 3 

Who are you?  

Learn the 4 personalities, What's Your FLAVA?

Do you Want to Join this Amazing Experience?

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